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Membership Signup and Renewal for 2022/2023

We hope you have had a fantastic year and have been having fun playing tennis! It has come to the time of the year to renew memberships. If you are a current member, your membership will be expiring on 31st July 2022 which has now been extended to 31st August 2022.

Membership form is attached below.

How-to-Join-Currawong-Tennis-Club-Online.pdf How-to-Join-Currawong-Tennis-Club-Online.pdf (279kB)

Pro Rata Membership Application Form

(Valid from 1st Feb 2023)

Please click on the link below,

Membership Costs

Membership Category     Total
Senior (S)     $140.00
Student (St)     $  80.00
Junior (J)     $  80.00
Family (F)



Membership Administrator 

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Swipe Card

Swipe cards

(Note: swipe cards are not to be passed on to third parties.  When a swipe card is no longer required, it is to be returned to the Membership Secretary)

Replacement Swipe Card

In the sad event a swipe card becomes lost, a $50 refundable deposit is required for a replacement swipe card.  

Your membership includes

One card per memberships any extra or replacement cards will be $20 each.




Is a person enrolled FULL-TIME at an approved educational institution, who is not a junior and is not more than 25 years of age at the start of the financial year (i.e. 1st AUG)
Junior A person of or under the age of 17 years at the 1st August in the financial year
Family Up to two senior members plus dependent juniors or students
Pro-rata Membership Is payable by new members joining after 1 February each financial year via specific Pro-rata Membership Application form available February onwards each year.